Providence Adults


Current Bible Fellowship Groups & Opportunities Sundays @ 9:45 a. m.  (All Ages)

At Providence Church there are many Sunday Morning Bible Study opportunities for the entire family. Adult Bible Fellowships provide opportunities to learn, serve, and grow in a supportive and loving environment. You and your family are welcome to visit or join any of our Fellowship groups listed below in addition to our children’s and youth groups.

Current Adult Groups:
Our Adult Bible Fellowship Groups currently offer studies through individual books of the Bible, independent-focused topical studies, and/or quarterly Bible studies offered through companies such as Lifeway. 
Below is a list of our various classes and teachers as well as their classroom locations for your convenience.
Ladies’ Class taught by Bonnie Chapman – Book of Ruth/Esther (Class meets in the Great Commission Coffee Shop, room 103)
Larry Patterson and Eddie Gibbs – Book of Revelation (Class meets in the Great Commission Coffee Shop, room 104)
Ray Jackson – Book of Romans (Class meets in the Family Life Center, room 4)
Hank Carter – “Sermon on the Mount” Study (Class meets in the Family Life Center, room 5)
Paul Andrews – “Bible Studies for Life, Fall Quarter” (Class meets in the Family Life Center, room 6)
Al Falco/Kevin O’Connor – Book of Hosea (Class meets in the Family Life Center, room 7)
Don Gordon – Book of Galatians (Class meets in the  Family Life Center, room 8)
Tom Singletary/Bruce Bergstrom – “The Gospel Project, Summer Quarter”  (Class meets on the Office Lanai)
Wayne Williams – Book of Titus (Class meets in the Family Life Center, main floor)
Young Adult (Ages 18-45) taught by Joshua Peoples – “Christian Beliefs”
*Pastor Timothy Mann, D.Min – “Connections Class” (Class meets @ 9am on all 5th Sundays in the Great Commission Coffee House.  This class is a helpful orientation for anyone who is wishing to learn more about  Providence Church or who is seeking to join our fellowship of believers.  This class is NOT signifying an intention/obligation to join our church; rather, it is merely a helpful resource to help our attendees learn more about us.  Anyone wishing to attend this class should call the church office, prior to the next available date to attend, so that we can have paperwork readily available for your perusal.)
*Bob Barrett – “Foundations Class” (Class meets once per quarter for four sessions only in the worship center.  Each class begins on the first Sunday following a 5th Sunday and is set aside for the discipleship of new believers needing foundational studies  in Biblical truths.)