Church Directory 

New Online Church Directory

This church membership directory will supply names, photographs, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses of all members in a simple, straightforward and easy manner online, and the names will be sorted alphabetically for easy perusal and/or retrieval.

Password Protected

This online directory may be accessed via a password protected link which has been embedded into the Providence Church web address in order to help protect our members’ privacy.

(*There will be no printed copies of this directory available to our members.*)

What We Need From You …


A Recent Photograph of You and Your Family

This online directory will be a little bit different than those undertaken in the past in that you will be asked to submit a recent photograph of your family (with all family members included therein).  This photograph may be personally submitted to Judy Gibbs at the church office, or you may email a photograph by clicking on the link below and attaching your photo via an emailed document.   These photographs should …

  • Be a recent photograph which includes everyone in your family who attends Providence Church as members.
  • Include the identity/name of each person within the photograph written on a separate sheet of paper.
  • Be close enough to be able to see the faces of all persons contained therein.
  • Be accompanied by up-to-date contact information.
  • Be contained within a sealed envelope with your name written on the front, if hand delivering to Judy Gibbs.


Updated Contact Information

In addition to your photograph, you will be asked to submit your current mailing address, home telephone number, cellular telephone number, and provide an email address for each church member within your family unit.

(*If you do NOT wish to be included within this membership directory, 
please notify us in writing, via email or letter, informing us of your decision so that your name will be excluded.)


Submit Your Photographs and information to