The Difference A Year Can Make

May 8, 2011


Many things can happen and much can change in one year’s time. That certainly has been the case for me this past year. My life is markedly different from a year  ago and I praise God for it (I would praise God anyway – but I am happy for the  blessings!).

Some of those blessings – but not all – include: my  relationship with my wife is sweeter than it has been in a few years; I am  enjoying ministry more than I have in a long time; I am
more free to preach and  teach the Bible; I am leading a church that in is unity, follows my leadership,  and desires to only honor Christ; I am enjoying peace, contentment, and personal growth and I have a new grandson! In short, I am happy!

A little over a  year ago, I resigned my previous pastorate.  While that was not an easy decision,  I know that it was a God-lead decision. I believe, more than ever, in the biblical doctrine of Providence. There is no such thing as luck, chance, or  happenstance.  We love and trust the Lord in whatever He gives us or allows into our lives.

Even though the “big reason” for me resigning my previous  church was God-directed, and while there was a small group who knew the  circumstantial reasons that God used to lead me to that decision, most did not  know those circumstances and wanted to know the
“why” behind why I resigned. I  have not publically given those reasons because I did not believe that it was  helpful and I will not do so now; however, over the past year, my silence has  been filled by others and stories have been passed on. I think it is time for me  to set the record straight about what was not the reason that I resigned my  previous pastorate. I did not resign because I had to…nor did I resign because I  was guilty of something immoral or unbiblical. Any story that suggests otherwise  is false. I hope that statement is clear to all.

In about a month, we  will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of the church of which God has  allowed me to be the founding Pastor. The past year has been spiritually  refreshing and exciting as we have seen the Lord provide for the work that He has directed!

I am a blessed man!  I have a supportive, gifted and loving wife, a new grandson, a fulfilling
ministry assignment from the Lord, and a  renewed strength from the Holy Spirit.  God has always been good to me, my wife  has always been supportive and loving, and I have always been grateful for the  privilege to serve the Lord Jesus…but what a difference a year can make!