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Young-Adult Bible Fellowship Group

This Young-Adult Bible Fellowship Group offers opportunities for both single and married individuals, who are often parenting preteen children, to learn, to serve and to grow in a contemporary and age-restricted environment.  Being involved with others who share your own unique issues and circumstances with beginning new relationships, raising children and developing a discipleship mentality will help you to flourish as a Christian while seeking fellowship and mentoring through the Word of God and discussions relevant to today's family unit.


This class meets in the Family Life Center, in room# 7, each Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. and is taught by Don Garner.  

You and your family are invited to join in the discussion and fellowship at any time.

* Parents of teenagers may find their place better and find that they flourish more in the median-adult Bible Fellowship Group taught by Keith Harwood. 

*The young-adult class focuses more on parents with young children, while the

median-adult class focuses on parents with teenagers.

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