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What is the cross of Providence Church and what does it mean?


     It is popularly known today as “Jerusalem Cross” in the Holy Land.

The cross is representative of one of the earliest non-sectarian symbols of the Christian faith.  The Jerusalem Cross evolved from a Greek cross with dots in place of the small crosses used by the very first Christian community in the Middle East in Roman times, a thousand years before the Crusades.

Indeed, many of the signs found in different places in the Holy Land are reminiscent of the Jerusalem cross, including some mosaics where it is identical to the current one.

Archaeologists have discovered the cross appearing in mosaics prior to the year 400 A.D.

The large cross represents Christ as the center of the universe and the smaller crosses represent the Gospel going to the four corners of the earth.

It is also said that the crosses represent the five main wounds of Christ at the crucifixion.

The cross truly points to the providence

of God in all things. 

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