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Student Ministry

As kids grow into adolescents, our hope at Providence Church is that they continue to mature spiritually to become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ. To that end, Pro. Students serves as the means to help reach that goal.

Our students can expect to grow and deepen their roots in who they are in Christ as they embark on the journey from 6th-12th grade.

Throughout their middle school years, it will be important for students to claim this faith they have as their own. A solid identity rooted in the Bible, the Trinity, salvation, and the church will aid our students to navigate pivotal years in their growth and development.

We hope to accomplish this goal through BFG, corporate worship, regular outreach, and mentorship.

Once our students reach high school, our plan is to continue to prepare them for adulthood. Pro. Students is the perfect platform for equipping and sending because, by high school, students are hungry for more knowledge and ready for responsibility.


To capitalize on their hunger for more knowledge, and in addition to opportunities provided for our middle school students, our desire is to teach high school students how to advocate their stance on the Bible and how to defend their identity in Christ. Apologetics and proper theology will help serve them greatly as they enter adulthood and a world where their opinion is not often shared.


Another way we hope to prepare our students is by sharing responsibility. We know that God has uniquely gifted each person to serve Him. While our middle school students will have the opportunity to serve through regular outreach, greeting, music, etc., we aim to take that a step further for our high school students. We believe there to be high capacity for leadership in this age group and see no better way to prepare them for adulthood than by honing this skill. A student leadership team will be beneficial in helping shape the culture of the student ministry as well as provide opportunity for further discipleship in the lives of those students.


We gather on Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m. for fun, food, and Bible study. Each Wednesday night, we have a time of worship with music followed by Bible teaching. Monthly, we have small-group discussion nights. Wednesday nights are a great time for students to grow in their relationship with God as the grow in friendship with one another.


We also offer a Sunday morning Bible study at 9:00 a.m., where students are separated based on grade. We have a middle school class and a high school class. The Bible study teachers at these times provide lessons to help students grow in their knowledge of God through reading and conversation.

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